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Updated: May 8, 2021

Hey there mates, I hope you all are keeping up well, and if you're not you will be, cause today I'm really excited to share some of the add ons which will make your casual look into a cute-hot chick look.

Here I'm wearing my go-to go style pattern ''bells'', the cute short bell sleeve blue dress, with my favorite bright-white sneakers, where you can wear sandals or your comfy heels which would suit the attire.

Headbands! as an accessory are a way to enduring, to go with. The floral or polka dots or plain bright colors (preferable) headbands are so underrated inclusion to the look. Wearing this look, you girls would undeniably cut a dash.

Nurturing yourself should be the essence of your living too. I love taking care of my skin, along with experimenting with the make-up plus attire looks which become my look of the season.

The headbands, hats, scarfs are more of my kinda stylish looks, to go on. Also, you can wear the very trendy watch bracelet stack which you can find at any popular shopping apps or websites such as nyka, chumbak ,myntra.

Share what's your pick of the season and how would you have smitten your mood by styling.


your October girl! 🍁

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