Love for nature is just because of the place from I belong to which is full of green, mountains, lakes and much more. Thank my parents because of them I gained and love so much about the significance of nature. Roaming around in the fields is just beautiful. It is a part of meditation where you can just roam, breathe, hear the birds chirping and be silent and feel the beauty of mother earth.

Here I am ready to go nowhere but try to get engage myself and later get connect with you guys by chit-chatting, sharing ideas, and exploring yours, I choose this platform. I just love to play with colors, contrasting them, turn them into something new is the thing I've got from nature.

sometimes going plain but bright could roll you out of the ordinary. What is brighter than the color white. Today I decided to wear all white, I've experienced this you can never go wrong with full white. In fact, white is the fairy color to go and become one.

This light airy co-ord looking dress yes 'looking dress', is not what you think it is. It is s smart piece outfit called a cut-out A-line dress. This dress is so easy breezy plus has a total summer vibe, which makes you look perfect. To enhance it you guys must go for gold statement jewelry along with a pale-colored hat and you are ready to flaunt the season.

show me your suggestions and reviews, I'm waiting!


your October girl! 🍁

I'm wearing :

URBANIC : Cut Out A-Line Dress

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