Honey! your skin need yogurt.

Updated: May 3, 2021

Hey guys, how's the sunny season going on!

I know this is one of the toughest times we all going through. But you know we have to and we will by engaging ourselves in some indoor activities, and what would be the best we can do to retrieve ourselves.

So, As I told you earlier I will get back to you with some DIYs, so are you guys ready to glow your skin with some home remedies.

Here are some simple ideas at leisure to get a fresh gleaming skin routine.

as we all know lime water gives glowing skin but to bask in the glow of approval, we have to follow up some extras by,

yogurt and honey, yes you've heard it right, it works before sleeping, you have to massage your face with the combination of yogurt and honey (the paste should be thick enough) for 2 min daily, as it helps to cure pimples and also makes skin tight. With this follow up you will certainly be delighted and satisfied with a glow of happiness.'

And here are some smart off tips for you guys which you can go on with :

-if you will drink zeera (cumin) water that will help you to reduce weight

-eating banana reduces depression.

-chocolate improves brain function.

and a secret with my personal experience is that, get some chocolates with you before the examination or an interview, you will definitely bang on that particular field.

okay, see ya!

take care you guys, will get back with some cool unique thread, hope you liked this one, and yes please share your experiences, will glad to hear that.

your October girl! 🍁

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