how to style your workin' outfits

A working spot where we are so focused and determined that sometimes we become boring that we just don't stay as natural and fresh as how one should be.

So, in a certain process of thinking today I came up with workin' outfits for you workin' ladies out there. The amazing combination of my styling to be a woman among women, and here I go :

  1. how to bring the best with cultural vibes

The attire that I'm wearing reflects the culture of my country. Here I've combined the two styles as such Chicken Kari Kurti along with the printed long skirt. I just love this combination out of all the workin' styles because honestly, it is looking elegant. In order to create other fusion, you can just flair it with a plain 3/4 sleeve bright-colored kurti blend with the wide leg cropped trousers or pegged pants, (if you've known about that they were a style trademark in the '80s) or bell-bottoms that look modish in their own way.

2. how to bring some sparkle to your workspace

In this look, I've styled myself with a black blazer along with the white embroidered boyfriend jeans add on with my glittery tee. Glitter is never an overlook but a look that is more of an attraction in your attire. The outfits which bring the best out of you is always the one made for y0u. In this, you girls can try with some cool spring-summer long jackets or some hot silk tees or new in trend corset tops.

3. how to style a bossy look

I'm wearing the flowered shirt with a black denim skirt to enhance the look I've worn my cute little neck-fit neckpiece, styled my hair in a messy bun that embraces my personality for the day. I like this look because of the variance in the simplicity. You could endeavor the look by accessorizing the jewelry in the form of ear cuffs, necklaces, or with a funky set of rings that suits your persona.

That's all, for now, ping me how did you find these workspace styles until then see ya stay safe, and in order to remain guarded follow the guidelines and precautions given by the govt.


your October girl!🍁

PS: if you guys wanna shop my look you can go through it by clicking on particular subtitles!

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