Living the Purple moment

Hey guys, as you can see the season is hitting off from the last few weeks. My favourite cold-windy season. To be honest, I don't like to sit home in this mesmerising climate.

So, we went to relish the cliffs, the hills. Trust me it was the best decision-making. So, here comes the idea for the shortcoming fancy tour.

When we (me and my family) were ready to take this trip, now it was time to take the big decision that is what to wear.

The wearing must be fancy, comfortable and striking at the same time.

So I chose to wear in the favour of the weather that is the pale shade, so I selected pale purple slash lavender. The plain speck will not stand up so I here decided to wear my white polka dots shirt and draped it accordingly.

With the exception, I've enhanced it with my red goggles and white sneakers.

And here I am ready to vibing the style statement of the bout.

That's all I hope you all like this mood of tint. If not waiting for your notions about it. Love love and always love to you all.

Will be coming soon with another super fun concept of trend.

your October girl! 🍁

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