One with the Yellow flops

If you're the outdoorsy type then I guess you might really are facing a big time. Talking about the big time here I am wearing my favorite summer comfortables. Imma a huge fan of flip flops, they're so comfortable yet stylish and perfect in this sunny season. Flats are substantially chic and timeless, we all know flip flops, flats, side sandals, ballet flats, mules are our girls' basic wardrobe essentials but where to wear what is a question.

The best part of wearing flip-flops is flaunting your well-earned pedi. there are thousands of varieties of flat sandals in the market, to keep you light and novel I prefer to wear bright shades or some feminine patterns cause that is trend of the season. Here, I am wearing quaking yellow-colored flip flops with my red summer dress, the best part of wearing these flats is you can wear with pretty much any of your outfits. I am wearing this with my red Urbanic dress along with my fave black and golden sling bag. Sling bags are my favorite bags small, cute and matchable with anything you own.

To keep it raw you must wear some comfy attires like a long dress or pieces of denim coupled with.

Hope you like these tips and my favorite picnic wear. Are you into funky flats and are low-key girl like me or have a different way of wearing your foot to wear. Waiting for your opinions and comments right here.

love take care you guys

your October girl! 🍁

I'm wearing :



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