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Hello lovelies, long time no see...isn't it! The reason behind that, actually, I was busy packing and shifting to my favorite city, ''Mumbai, yes Mumbai, it just feels amazed to say Mumbai''. I just love this city, the vibe, the people, there's something here that you just couldn't help yourself to not stay back. I'm here after a year before the pandemic came into existence. When life was as pretty as a picture.

This blog is special and beautiful because this is my first blog here, lemme tell you it's special because this city taught me the value of myself, the value of life, the realization of capabilities, few lessons and gifted me the love of my life.

Here comes the elucidation about the wearing, the pale background with some attractive colorful patchwork, because of the patchwork this simple little dress turned out giving us a fairytale vibe. Plus point of this attire is that you can add on any footwear with it, from sneakers (for tomboy-ish casual day look) to heels to sandals (girly look for shopping doing or girl-pal thing) to boots (bold look for clubbing and concerts )**as it isn't in-in our new masked up life or getting ready, clicking pictures, that's our favorite thing to do, right?!

TIP: this time try some different hair doing like a french braid, fringe ponytail, or a small braid bun, to highlight your look for the day.

okay, guys, see you, really can't wait to share with you my next fashion styling.


your October girl! 🍁

I'm wearing :

alamode by akansha -

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