Red Chilli with some Black Pepper

Heyaaa! here I am with a new hymn to rhyme. And today I've attired to cute short party apparel. I just sometimes crave to carve into looks, the styles that are appealing slash tuneful to your wardrobe. Gosh! I miss outing, partying, roaming around to my favorite places, and explore others.

Just how I like to fashion and engage myself. You guys can also be buoyed up in some indoor activities like yoga or some gyming or you can bust in my personal recommended Zumba classes or do some craft or throw yourself into melody and refresh yourself in this dreadful phase.

So, here I am carrying this saucy look, which you can see, is more of checked and a bit of my fave plain black. You can go black with any color any but to gaze with eyeful to your own self or to your loved ones you folks must go for this scarlet look. And yes one more thing wanna share that I just love to wear a highlighter because I believe you just glow to go anywhere with a trickle of it (highlighter). This attire can be put on at any party club, cheeky picnics, or shopping shop.

Now you girls tell me what is your fleeting glance to dress and do you like this look of your October girl or not!

until then stay tuned and keep reading and glowing with some ultra-modern mode of fashion.


your October girl! 🍁

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