styling like a beach baby!

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

knowing the perfect outfit for a perfect happening is a power we all want in our lives. sometimes we have, sometimes we struggle...Recently, we just decided to take our puppy Romeo to the beach for the first time. this was a very special moment for him and us!

The moment he saw water, the sand the fresh air he started dancing, playing and behaving like a beach baby.

So, to capture the beauteous moment I had to wear the ideal outfit to become like one. I chose the pale blue colour with my rainbow trouser.

What is the best combination to go as appropriate to the sky, rainbow and sun. to keep that in mind I wore my orange shades and bang on I was ready to rock my look for the day.

The secret towards my styling is sometimes my love towards nature, the picture and the sentiment 0f the demand.

Here I am slaying the glance and for sure, become one whom you all wanna stare at. confidence and attitude are key to appraise yourself, plus become your own style icon.

That's all for today I hope you all like it and will definitely become your own fashion guru.

ping me for any suggestions, questioning and admiration.

have a great day and a beautiful week ahead


your October girl! 🍁

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