Styling the blue

I think blue is the season of the color, don't you guys think so?! In this monsoon breezy vibe, this color is something that will make you feel fresh as a daisy. This cute maxi dress definitely gives the breezy aura, these vibrant colors are always in when we got stuck between our regular shades of blues.

This cute button dress is so gorgeous to wear, where I have added this stunning golden neckpiece with dull finishing (contrasting my dress) and my favorite sugar matt liquid lip shade, which is empowering my look.

Because of my short hair, I usually go for the bun, half-pony, clutches, or mainly go for open hair look, you can go for styling according to your type of hair.

Wanna suggest you, always add a little or less, or which is in combination with the wearing because you know less is always more. Styling these essentials will give you the one beach night party look, the glittery eve parties, or something where you desire to wear. For footwear, you can go for some simple side chic sandals or can go for some voguish wedges.

love styling this look, and the suggestions. Now you girls fashion your look, ping me the suggestions and questions, and style the look, lemme how it goes with you guys and also what you have in your mind.

Will come with other tips and types of attires

Be safe & much love.

your October girl! 🍁

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