styling with yellow

Monday blues, summer yellow, and forever black are some millennial slangs we avail in our lives. So, today, imma introducing you to some quick and quirky ideas for your fashion mania...

  1. styling the sporty look

To make it easy as fashionable. here I am wearing this bikini top with my regular wear trouser, finishing this look with my favorite semi floral printed shrug with a stroke of the liner to the eyes and the lips. In addition, I'm wearing a cute unicorn pendant (to know more about the neckpiece you guys can check the jewelry blog) that's all I'm done with my look.

2. styling the desi look

The desi looks are something in which you yourself feel the vibe of comfort and ease. This is another quick look for some sudden fam-jam. I am wearing my regular wear trouser along with my chosen white Chicken Kari Kurti, to make it more elegant I've added these triangle-shaped earrings with multicolor finishing. Yet again with a stroke of lip liner and my everyday face mist.

3. styling the indo-western look

You all are thinking this one should be called the proper Indian or the desi look right?!! but no it is not, because this Indo western Kurti is tailored and trendsetting material for sure, can be wear with white and blue denim. To clear your thoughts, I am dropping a small video clip.

see yea, take care


your October girl! 🍁

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