Sway-in Leopard Period.

Hello, lovelies! today I'm here to recommend to you my most fave print that is leopard prints. I'm in love with the wild cat looks. The most amazing concept of this print is we can wear it in any period or occasion,

Here, I'm wearing the turtle neck in combination with my comfy khaki color shorts.

I'm in love with the relationship between me and my styling, I just love to look quirky cause that is who I am-the girl who is solitary in her own way. Just wanna say never hesitate to experiment with the styling because the look which you proffer is the actual real beautiful you.

So in conversation with the attire where I prefer the khaki shorts, you guys can put on the very sexy black denim skirt or shorts. And if you want to go for divergent styling in leopard, then you must go for leopard shrugs, a full leopard print dress, or pants. The most important thing with this fierce look to be concluded is with the smoke-y eyes which is like a voice in the wilderness.

That's all for now, please lemme know if you like this look or not and what your go-to go ferocious look, umm waiting...!


your October girl! 🍁

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