that blue eyed girl

Hey again, here is your purple in this blue phase. Today I'm here for a cool and casual look with the styling element which I put in here. As in our millennial world, we all are scheduled up with a bunch of stuff, where you girls would agree there is invariably a mystery what to wear before stepping out. To make it as cinch as possible I have some sense of suggestion which you guys can surely attempt.

As you can see I'm wearing a combination of black and blue, pretty casual and usual, to make this everyday look eccentric I've just hike towards the nude makeup look with some glittery stroke of royal-ness (blue).

I've experienced this thing when we are always thinking too much we didn't get what we want. Creating and assessing the casual look is more fun than giving efforts to do something contrasting. And now, it's your turn to be a bolt from the blue.

So, what is your shortcut to being smooth and thrilled? and don't forget to keep me posted about the try-on.


your October girl! 🍁

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