The all time denim for your kinda lifestyle

  1. Highrise wide-leg jeans

The comfiest and my daily basic wear to go for short trips like shopping or a casual outing, this piece is something you would love to wear everywhere. Plus it gives you the quirky look as well. it's not fit nor too lose it's kinda stretchy and made for your body fit to go with. Worth grabbing this garb for your daily essentials.

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2. High rise front seam straight jeans

This could be a super cool addition to your closet. I personally find this piece very much homely and gives a tomboyish vibe. This denim wear is made for your long day of office work or some random get-together. This is the most easy-going wear I would prefer you'll.

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3. Skinny Jeans with Frayed Hems

The skinny jeans are so stylish yet cozy in their own way. This creation gives the perfect shape, can be wear at work, daytime picnics, social gatherings (official and unofficial). This cute denim is my forever mood to wear. If you guys love being cute and eccentric to the mark, this is the best you could get.

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4. Wide leg stretchable cropped jeans

Now, as you all know the clubbing sess is converted to house warming parties, and who wouldn't want to grasp the interesting look for such happenings. So, to be the downtown city girl, this is the downright choice for you guys. The legit style of the season, the cropped jeans. as you can see this is a twin chunk-peek of the jeans is so stunning to wear.

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your October girl! 🍁

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