The purple Cream

Updated: May 31, 2021

Being an introvert is that we can convey our thoughts best in the form of writing and compile them with the other features of artwork. And here the artwork is my passion for styling. This mode of fashion polished up my personality to another level.

today we are talking about flowers, flowers, and girls is a stereotyped combination, we all have seen or heard. Frankly, I'm not a big fan of florals but if you find your flawless cute little outfit then just add it to your style. Well, no worries I am here to help you to find your perfect one.

When I think about flowers my favorite is orchids (with a combination of purple, blue, white, salmon pink ), that is why my outfit indicates these bright light shades with some floral prints on them. this cute outfit is so being me with the little red sunnies.

this summer look is a vibe of adventure which I lean to get onto. I just love to participate in and here is your trick to find the finest floral dress, which is to go with your favorite flower or combination of your color palette and add it to your closet.

now you girls tell me what is your fondness towards experimenting, and do you like this sense of style or not?!!

see yea

more love from your October girl! 🍁

I’m wearing :


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