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Hey there, what's up to you all, I hope everything is going well and fruitful out there. Taking care of others is one thing but you can only take care of others if you're keeping up with yourself equally or more than that. I love to take care of myself, if I'm not feeling good or not in a mood then I just love to do fashion, the shopping, these are my kinda stressbuster, IDK if you guys can relate to me or not?!

Here is one of the instances, where I explored and was really excited to share, as you people can see this hot-chic look. This ravishing peek is something you all would consider into your glamour frame. I'm talking about this beautiful semi-printed floral shrug that has become my favorite.

I've always passed over or can say take no notice of, but when this time I went shopping I was unable to take my eyes off this cute little piece. These kinda sleeveless shrugs are such cloth that you definitely wanna grab.

This floral piece goes with mostly everything such as jeans, peachy pants, and yes flared skirt.

I think the one we ignore is the one we should ponder that's the thing I've learned recently and I'm glad I did.

So far if you're veto-ing the stuff for a long time, I think you must try, might become your best friend. And don't forget to whack this cute wavey piece which I think is kinda important to your style of wear.

see yaa

take care!


your October girl! 🍁

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